Breakout Sessions

Mentoring for Children’s Ministry- Steve Kim

Mentoring Youth- Danny Roh

Mentoring Collegians on Campus- Tommy Dyo

Mentoring Your Message- Michael Lee

Mentoring Women- Jen Shin

Mentoring Church Planters- Kevin Ngyuen



Mentoring Youth Workers- Clark Fobes IV

Mentoring Worship Teams- Caleb Kim

Mentoring Missionaries- Sheryl Silzer

Mentoring the Body of Christ- Walt Russell

Mentoring through Media- DJ Chuang

Mentoring Pastoral Staff- Benjamin Shin

Mentoring Worship Teams- Caleb Kim

Does mentoring exist in worship ministry?  How do we encourage, challenge, coach and teach our worship teams?  Mentoring is key to cultivating an environment where worship teams are challenged and encouraged to grow as they serve to lead others into God’s presence.  In this session, we will explore the different types of mentoring from the perspective of a lead pastor, to a worship leader and to the worship band.

Mentoring the Body of Christ- Walt Russell

Each spiritual leader among us is largely the product of the individual mentoring emphasis of the last 70 years (e.g., 2 Timothy 2:2). However, a huge missing piece during this time is an emphasis on the contribution of all the grace-gifted saints in building up the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:1-16). Come learn about this holistic emphasis of the New Testament for building up all of the saints as they are equipped to use their grace-gifts.